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Thales Communications & Security SAS (TCS) The Thales Group totalled revenues over 11 billion Euro in 2011, half from the Civilian businesses and half in the Governmental and Defence domains. Within the 80.000 employees worldwide (50.000 in Europe), one third is involved in R&. Specifically, the revenues of Thales Communication & Security (TCS) reached 1.8 billion Euros with 7.000 employees. TCS addresses every activity related to telecommunications: wireless communications, IP networks, satellite communication, network administration and security. TCS has a long experience in very large Information Systems and secure infrastructures for systems and networks, including Internet and Intranets. TCS has a deep skill in secure telecommunications for public and governmental organisations, emergency services, transportation, avionics and armies. The Advanced Information Technologies (TAI) laboratory at TCS is involved in leading edge IT projects aiming in specification, design and integration of security and telecommunication infrastructures. TAI personnel belongs to the following set of expert profiles: network experts, especially for fixed and mobile IP network design, security architects for networks and information systems, and information system experts. TAI is in charge of transferring technological bricks to Thales’s business lines.

Key Personnel

Dr Mathieu Bouet is researcher in the networking laboratory of Thales Communications & Security. He received the Ph.D. degree from the Computer Science Laboratory (LIP6) of Pierre & Marie Curie, Paris, France, in 2009. He has participated in several European research projects related to cyber-security, data mining, and autonomic networking. He is the author of nearly twenty papers and several patents. His current main interests and expertise include software defined networks and overlay networks.

Kévin Phemius is a researcher in the Advanced Studies’ Networking laboratory of Thales Communications & Security. He received the MSc. Degree in Computer Science from Pierre & Marie Curie University, Paris, France. He has participated in international conferences and contributed to various papers. His main interests and expertise include infrastructure networks and Software Defined Networking.

Dr Vania Conan is senior research expert at Thales Communications & Security, in Gennevilliers, France. He received his Engineering Degree (1990) and PhD in Computer Science (1996) from Ecole des Mines de Paris, France. For the past 10 years he has been involved in collaborative research projects at national and European levels (FP5, FP6 IST programmes, FP7, ITEA Eureka cluster and French ANR). He has published over 20 international conference and journal papers and filed several patents in networking technologies.

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