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DISCO (DIstributed SDN COntrollers for rich and elastic network services) leans on the complementary technical expertise of the partners to bring flexibility, scalability and resiliency in SDN architectures, but also, richness and elasticity for the deployment of network services, for example for content delivery. DISCO will in particular investigate the urbanisation of virtual network functions or network appliances (e.g., load-balancer, deep packet inspection, ciphers), that can be embedded into virtual machines, thus consuming communized CPUs, memory and network capabilities. The project will provide tools to optimise the management of appliances in order to have the minimal footprint on the physical layer while ensuring high level services (content distribution, critical information...). DISCO will propose innovative SDN data plane optimization mechanisms, controllable through a standard SDN interface and based on an extension of current technologies. These mechanisms will dynamically accelerate the flow processing while consolidation other workloads on a single commoditized multi-core platform. DISCO will also investigate a multi-controller platform for robustness, scalability and flexibility of the control plane and extended capabilities for monitoring and configuration of virtualised network functions. Finally, DISCO will study and develop a NaaS (Network-as-a-Service) API that provides a mean for applications to get an instantaneous abstract view of network resources to determine the amount of resources they can use and compute their optimal placement and to request network services.

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